Rended Press publishes D20 Table of Weird Drafts PDF

Matt does a great job once again.
Be sure to check out the label section.

Player Reference Sheet

Current house rules for the home campaign. I printed some up on cardstock as a quick go-to for players. Pursuit & evasion rules snipped from Hack & Slash. Gem info nicked from Old Guy Gaming.

Room Search Procedures

This is how I'm doing it tonight -- a spin on 3rd Edition's search rules.

Party has one chance per turn (10 minutes) to locate secret door or find hidden object.

Search Difficulty (SD) represents how well the object of the search is hidden:
  • SD20: Object is easily located
  • SD25: Object is somewhat difficult to find
  • SD30: Object is expertly concealed
  • SD40: Object is practically or literally invisible
DM rolls a d24 and adds...
1) Level of most experienced party member involved in search.
2) INT adjustments of all party members involved in search.

Result must equal or exceed Search Difficulty.