So long, Jack

Jack Vance died Sunday, age 96. Some writers pass away leaving one or two great works behind, but Jack left us with a veritable hoard of treasures. He may have written a poor book, but I haven't gotten to it yet. 

Cheers, Jack!


Petty Gods: Update

CHOOZWIZ, god of non-magical crossroads
created by Rorschachhamster
illustration by Eugene Jaworski

- The May 31st Deadline for Text Entries doth approacheth 

- E-mail me [flowthrakeATgmailDOTcom] to let me know how things are progressing and whether you may need an extension 

- Sorting, sorting, sorting out authors, artists, pictures, gods, minions, etc 

- Backtracking on the idea about sorting the godlets by Alignment, considering A to Z approach for them all

- Catching up with PG correspondence today/tonight

[MusicVD] Grimes performing "Circumambient" at Pitchfork 2012


Jailbreaking READ MAGIC

Mallanauf the Spell-Breaker suggests using Read Magic to...
  1. Read (identify) the name of a curse or hex on an afflicted person or area.
  2. Read the author's mark on any magical item.
  3. Read a spell's or magical effect's age (i.e. determine how long ago it was cast). Note that spells and effects develop age-rings in a manner similar to trees.
  4. Read encrypted command words on the forms of magically created beings. Note that decryption is another matter.

Curses, Hexes and Magical Corruptions

Gorgonmilk's Campaign Codex

1. Only gods have the ability to directly remove curses and similar magical afflictions. Without this aid, characters must have the curse properly identified (Read Magic would suffice). In any given cache of books being no less than one-hundred volumes, there is a base 5% chance that the Cureall Book will be present. The Cureall is an extensive and ancient collection of information and cures for all manner of hexes and magical diseases. With any given curse, there is a base 30% chance that no cure will be indicated. Typically cures consist of preparations involving time, lunar positions, sometimes rare material components, occasionally the presence of a living thing (or things) to absorb the curse when it is finally driven from the afflicted's body.

Addendum: Only certain monster types should be able to utilize curses, and only a set number of times per month or year. [A goblin tribe lucky enough to inherit a curse would covet its use.] As it is commonly practiced, a curse is used only when a situation seems to demand its use.

2. Hexes are the area-effect equivalent of curses. They alter an environment in ways that are usually not apparent until it is too late. There is a hex for poisoning wells, for bittering the flavor of hanging fruits, for causing rainclouds to accumulate over a home or copse of trees.

3. Magical Corruptions are effects that change the afflicted to his or her detriment. Consider Old King Cole's golden touch as a classic example. Some of the effects of items like Sauron's Ring or Stormbringer fall into this category.


Rotating Candelabra Model of the Multiverse

A cosmic model once popular among certain cabals of alchemists and wizards. It depicts a string-like multiverse of connected rings, each comprised of eight facets. Connected to each facet is a three-armed candelabra. Each candle-place corresponds to a material plane, and each set of three material planes are interconnected by a common Underworld. Each underworld is connected to the eight-fold ring (otherwise called the Threshold) by an illusory phantom zone or aetheric. Within the world-crusted rings is the proper dwelling place of all gods, ghosts and demonic spirits, the Godworld.


[NSFW] [MusicVD] "Fantasy" by Tesla Boy

Possibly the greatest thing to come out of Russia since the Titanium Man.

Iä! FREE Lovecraftian Supplement OCR'd!

A reader/community member called spaceling was kind enough to re-format the Lovecraftian Supplement as a fully text-selectable OCR document.

art by marklaszlo666


Interesting Quote

From Commander Everett Alvarez, first pilot shot down during the Vietnam War and one of the last POWs to return to the United States:

"Together we stepped into the dungeons and faced the dragon."


Attn: PETTY GODS writers and proofreaders

CLICK HERE to get the guide. 

It's a PDF put together by Colin Chapman (THANKS AGAIN, COLIN) -- a super-handy one-page reference that should prove invaluable.


Why isn't there an Andrew Lang Monster Manual?

We should do a short pamphlet.

I'm kind of loving the Three-Headed Draken right now. (The dryadic bond between these goblinoids and their fruit trees is a nice embellishment to Lang's concept. Good work, Land of Nod!)

Illustration by Henry Justice Ford

From Andrew Lang's Grey Fairy Book:

Then first came three Draken to eat him, and when the dogs had worried these, six others came and fought the dogs a long time. The noise of this combat awoke Janni, and he slew the Draken, and knew at last why the dogs were covered with blood. 
After that he freed all whom the Draken held prisoners, amongst others, a king's daughter. Out of gratitude she would have taken him for her husband; but he put her off, saying: 'For the kindness that I have been able to do to you, you shall receive in this castle all the blind and lame who pass this way.' The princess promised him to do so, and on his departure gave him a ring.


PETTY GODS: Iä! All Hail the God Who Is Jale

Originally conceived as an ersatz-Nyarlathotep, the Jale God has grown into his own godling and occupies a central place in the meta-theology of PETTY GODS. He was called Im Ra Jash by a forgotten race that once peopled a long-sunken chain of isles found in a sea commonly avoided by sea-merchants, a region where the water takes on an unearthly color. Jash has many other names and is known to take a variety of forms. In classical terms he is a Trickster with limited (though considerable) dominion over fate. His popular visage, sacred to certain cultists and magic-users, is the emaciated figure depicted below.

Idol of the Jale God
Illustration by Paul Gallagher

Like PG as a whole, His Atrocity is a communal effort. Several writers have contributed to the Jale Mythos and created some of the God's divine aspects. These appear in physical form from time to time, separately or simultaneously:

The Averted Onlooker (aka The Laughing Rot) 
by Logan Knight

"The Onlooker comes into the light, sunken sockets bereft of sight, green bone grown over the pits. A smile splits his face and a chittering, choking laughter fills the room, as does a steady tinkle of teeth hitting the floor, tiny organic jade sculptures falling from his mouth like a spilling jar.

"His body follows in the shadows, a dark hulking thing, scraping forward on legs bent like a rat's and a field of arms that sprout and claw and beckon. But it is the wet naked body of a man that drags itself from the shadows and into the light behind the laughing living death mask. The shine of his deep green skin makes his flesh seem to sink in and out of itself and the material plane.

"He is here to take your eyes. You have seen so much agony. The Jale God will carry it in his belly."

The Lady of Rains (aka The Kingdom-Breaker)
by Grant Stone

"She is most commonly found in wealthy and populous cities, newly admitted to the circles of the rich and powerful. To those with great wealth or social status, she appears as a woman (or man) of remarkable beauty. When she arrives in a city, the doors of high society are immediately thrown open to her. She finds herself invited to discreet private soirees. She will be seen sitting next to prominent businessmen or politicians at important social events. Her remarkable beauty will be remarked upon so often it may seem to be the only topic of conversation.

"The Lady travels in a discreet, yet obviously expensive, black carriage with smoked windows, pulled by four jet black horses. She often wears long dresses of red or yellow; when in public she is never without a chiffon veil in the same color as her dress.

"No more than a week after her first appearance, she will take a lover, often more than one. She seeks out the men and women with the greatest political power: high-ranking clergy, admirals and generals, chiefs of guilds, kings or emperors. These people will of course find her completely irresistible. It is not unknown for a merchant or lord mayor to immediately throw his spouse and children out in the street upon taking up with the Lady of Rains. While she enjoys such small dramas, she prefers affairs that are, initially at least, discreet. In either case, she is immediately taken into her target's confidences. Within days her opinion is being sought about significant business, political or military decisions. Many thousands of wars have been initiated by the nodding of her head.

"Before the month is out, the Lady's plans will have come to fruition. Scions of noble houses will fight openly in the street; Traders will burn the warehouses of their rivals; generals will raise their armies against their own leaders; the navies of nearby and allied nations will be sunk in their ports. And all the while, as the realm is ruined, the upper reaches of society are lost in a haze of balls and pageants and spectacle, interrupted only by the occasional assassination.

"When she leaves the city, the Lady of Rains may leave her carriage and lift her veil. The lower classes, those with ragged clothes and grime-stained faces, will see her true face: the ancient skin, the weeping eyes, the double row of teeth, licked by the grasping tentacle that serves as her tongue. Her mere presence in the poorer parts of the city will spark riots, fires and widespread panic. As the kingdom falls, so does the city.

"Several days after the Lady of Rains has departed, a few nobles, if any are still living, will walk through the smoking ruins of their lives. Their cries of loss will join those of the dying and bereaved.

"And in some other place, a black carriage passes through the gates of another great city."

Thwizeviblyz (Petty God of Baby Laughter)
by Matt Schmeer

"Every time a baby laughs, Thwizeviblyz (whose name is best pronounced by the untoothed mouths of children) is greatly pleased and grows in strength. As his power is tied to the health of the human and halfling populations (elven and dwarven babies do not laugh), his power waxes and wanes with the tides of famine, drought, war, and plague. In good times he is one of the most powerful of gods, in bad times one of the weakest. Yet Thwizeviblyz persists as long as the Jale God persists, overseeing the birth and death of civilizations over the ages.

"The key to his longevity is that every child unconsciously worships Thwizeviblyz. Being born is a fate no mortal soul can avoid, and Thwizeviblyz knows there is nothing sweeter than innocent souls enjoying the moments before fate's fingers begin to twist their life's threads. Young children's unbidden laughter at life's minor absurdities mesh with his own view of the cosmos.

"His presence goes unnoticed by those over three years old. But those under three know him as shadows upon walls, curtains fluttering in a windless room, and soothing voices emanating from beneath closed doors. He cannot be attacked in these forms. Thwizeviblyz brings the gift of teething everywhere he goes; the sharp pain in the mouth a reminder that life is pain and blood and fire in the mouth. Tonya, the Petty Goddess of Children's Teeth, is grateful for this service and owes her existence to him.

"If a party carries children under three within their ranks, Thwizeviblyz might bestow a Blessing upon the party that gives a +3 to morale, +1 to STR, and +2 to CON. However, he has a particular hatred of mimes, clowns, jesters, and jokers, whose worthless mouth noises bring forth false laughter from children. If a party includes one of these lousy comedians, his Blessing will also cause their jokes and antics to have no effect on children of any age; in fact, children will instead flee from them in terror.

"If a child should die through the party's fault while under the Blessing, the Blessing will immediately become a Curse and the party will suffer the bonuses as penalties instead. This curse can only be lifted by a cleric of 10th level or higher.

"Thwizeviblyz will often manifest among adults in a tavern as a lice-ridden, besotted old man who sits near the hearth and speaks nothing but gibberish if approached. If he is treated well while in this guise, (plied with drinks, fed a food of the gods, etc.), there is a 3% chance he will grant a Limited Wish; if it is an unbidden child who treats him well, he will grant a Wish. He's used to being treated poorly or ignored and will go out of his way to blend into the crowd to avoid notice."

Verthish (Petty God of Single Pips) 
by Matt Schmeer

"Verthish appears in the crowd during games of chance involving dice. He usually manifests as an aged, long haired, one-eyed man wearing a brown cloak armed only with a dagger and carrying a white staff. To all outward appearances, he is normal human rabble who likes to gamble. He will wager large sums on the outcomes of the games themselves rather than participating in the games.

"He is impressed with those who act hastily and recklessly in pursuit of high stake gambles  and on occasion will manipulate the outcome of the dice  in their favor even if it means a financial loss for himself.

"He abhors loaded dice and will ensure their owner loses every game in which such dice are used.

"If attacked, he will defend with Fairness, a +3 dagger that dispenses an additional +3 against cheaters, and Balanced, a +3 quasi-intelligent bonewood staff that once per day can cast The Curse of the Jale God, Im Ra Jash, at a target of its own choosing.

"If defeated in battle, Verthish will turn to smoke and return to his original plane. After 1d4 weeks, the weapons will lose their magical abilities."



One hour, 
forty minutes 
of the sexy witchy
and hazy
electronic music
selected by Ggmlk 

Everything here: Used lovingly (and without permission).


[MusicVD] "Sentient Love" by Noir Deco

This is what I listen to on my hoverboard.

[New Retro Wave] "Runaways" by The Outrunners

BONUS: "NES Me an Angel" by Inverse Phase

The Book That Introduced the D30 to the World

Things I learned:
  • The early D30s were numbered 0 to 9 three times. Anyone have one of these?
  • As a table book this is fair to middling stuff

Red Sonja and Ghita

A side-by-side comparison. Art and character designs by Frank Thorne.



No one talks about RENEGADE~CORRUPTION. But why, says I?

According to my not-too-intensive research, the original version of this game -- called RENEGADE -- is an almost exact clone of OD&D. THIS BOOK -- which many readers of Gorgonmilk will like very much -- is all that plus a lot of original concepts sewn in by the author, David Morrison (even his name sounds cool). And as a fan of graphic design and layout stylin' I wholeheartedly give Renegade~Corruption's sleek, unadorned look a giant, meaty thumbs up [as a rating system it's still in its infancy, apologies.] Did I mention it's 400+ pages? And there are Sugar Cubes (think Geli Cubes made of pure, pasty sugar slop)!

Formatted for tablets. Yet I think it will do nicely as a series of pamphlets.

Also: It's FREE.

What if the OSR had its own Known World?

Oh wait. It already does.
And you can get caught up HERE.

One of my wishes is for the Mishlers' project to see BOX SET treatment, with all the art and fold-out maps and booklets that such a project would entail. By Crom's weighty jungs! Make it happen!

Dungeon Master Analysis of Video Footage

What checks and saves did the deer in this video make?

My List of Jack Vance Desiderata

I realize that a lot of these are pretty cheap to obtain digitally, but I'm looking for the physical artifacts. The list below includes a couple books written under Jack's real name, John Holbrook Vance [JHV].

___ Bad Ronald [JHV]
___ Bagful of Dreams (The)
___ Chateau D'If
___ Dark Ocean (The)
___ Dark Side of the Moon (The)
___ Deadly Isles (The) [JHV]
___ Eight Fantasms and Magics
___ Four Johns (The)
___ Fox Valley Murders (The)
___ Future Tense
___ House on Lily Street (The)
___ Isle of Peril
___ Laughing Magician (The)
___ Light from a Lone Star (The)
___ Lost Moons
___ Madman Theory (The)
___ Man in the Cage (The)
___ Pleasant Grove Murders (The)
___ Ports of Call
___ Room to Die In (A)
___ Seventeen Virgins (The)
___ Slaves of the Klau
___ Strange Notions
___ Take My Face
___ Vandals of the Void
___ View from Chickweed's Window (The)
___ When the Five Moons Rise


Where do I find RQ Cult Compendium for the cheap?

I need that flying cow in my life.

Even so, the $99 price tag at Amazon seems a little obscene. Like Rancid Skinflute obscene.

I shall pray to the petty god of bibliophiles for a boon.

EDIT: Why is it only $29 via the publisher?

UPDATE: Obtained locally! (Well, soonish anyway.)

Ghita of Alizarr

Absolutely love this cover. Great read too.


Petty Gods: Update

Freakling (a minion type) illo by Richard J. LeBlanc, Jr.

I'm still collecting and waiting on various pieces of writing and art. I have a lot of material assembled -- hopefully I'll have everything text-wise by the end of this month.

RE: Inquiries about new submissions -- you have till May 31st to submit whatever. If you've got a really great idea for a god, minion, divine item or otherworldly place, then get it to me soon.

To keep things as simple as possible, send txt files for new submissions attached to your e-mails. No more rtf or doc or whatever -- I'm going to convert them all to txt anyway.

Art-wise I still have quite a few man-like gods in need of illustration. Not so many of those crazy, chaotic monster-gods left to assign, sorry. They disappear quickly.


Why I am going to see Ender's Game with full knowledge of OSC douchery

For the same reason I would have bought a fresh issue of Weird Tales with a Lovecraft story in it had I not been a mere glimmer in my great-grandfather's eye at the time.* Because the man's beliefs are not related to my enjoyment of his work. 


The Rancid Skinflute of Vecna

[Image not available]

Similar to the more well-known Hand and Eye of Vecna, the Skinflute requires ritual amputation to access its eldritch magical powers. Provided that the amputee survives the six-hours required to perform the arcane stitchworking and solemn occult fondling, he or she will be able to access the true power found within these new and darkly radiant man-parts by moonrise. 

Only a skilled master of onanism can keep the Skinflute of Vecna from overwhelming his/her mind with its phantasmal necromantic lustings. Hallucinatory snuff films involving all manners of debauchery -- some completely unfamiliar to even those of wide experience -- dance across the flute-bearer's vision, obstructing efficacy in melee (-2 to all attack throws).

Once per day, the flute-bearer can perform the Sinister Tune of Bemotherment, spontaneously impregnating 3d6 HD worth of N/PCs and monsters within a 40 foot radius. Not even the most barren spinster or manliest of centaurs is necessarily immune to this dweomer. All must save vs spell to avoid immediate lower belly distension and permanent stretchmarks. Childbirth occurs in 1d30 rounds and is preceded by intense labor pains, spontaneously babbled curses and unconcealed need for bizarre snackfoods and snackfood combinations. Needless to say, combat -- even self-defense -- is impossible during gestation and delivery.

Invariably the products of Vecna's Skinflute are emaciated, eyeless and handless infants with ravenous appetites.

[Inspired by Tales of the Grotesque & Dungeonesque]

Three(-ish) Questions for Masters of Dungeons

-- Are all sentient slimes, oozes and jellies descended from shoggoths?
-- Do all gods require worshipers? Or are there some exempt from this rule?
-- What are the magical properties of concentrated moonlight?


[Animation] "Moon Goddess" by Melanie Atwater

Moon Goddess from Melanie Atwater on Vimeo.


Heather made this magician's amulet for me, but Thwagnoss created the demonic being our D&D coven bound inside it. Iä! Black Leaf! Iä! Tentacle Sex! Iä! Moral relativism!

[Monster] Gelatinous Golem

Essentially a gelatinous cube equipped with 1d12 pseudopods for locomotion (movement rate equivalent to a human) and lassoing prey. Particularly useful in dungeon environments. Followers of Grugzaret use them as enforcers and assassins -- they are absolutely silent and invisible in darkness.

Some gelatinous golems (10%) are equipped with green slime cavities. These are connected via duct to each of the golem's pseudopods. By contracting its gelatin, the golem can spray green slime up to 30 feet away with considerable accuracy.

[Monster] The Anti-Medusa

Appears as a (usually male) humanoid with a beard of snakes. His terrifying gaze will cause stone to become flesh. Often found living in particularly dank and fetid zones of the Underworld, the anti-medusa is something of an eldritch aristocrat. His attendants include several green slimes inhabiting animate bodies of clear glass cast in the molds of achingly beautiful women. They are fragile creatures and their magical casings are easily damaged by metal weapons.

[MusicVD] "Moogwai" by Teeel

Video by Lueur Verte from Thrashin (1986)

Monty Mail Call: Barrowmaze II etc.

Stefan Poag cover art!
I've decided that the next campaign will be a Barrowmaze-centric endeavor set in Hexmoor. Needless to say, several Petty Gods and their minions will be in attendance (or at least tangentially involved in the goings-on).

Barrowmaze II is about twice as thick as its predecessor and gives me confidence that RPGNow can produce the sort of quality hardbacks I'm interested in creating. Content-wise I am very pleased as well. There is some overlap with the Barrowmaze I -- in the New Monsters section, for instance -- but this seems to be done purely for the convenience of the DM. Greg Gillespie again shows that he's incapable of making boring dungeons. Barrowmaze is starting to look like some kind of Eden for undead types. It's enough to make even the most blowhard paladin make the brownies in his chainmail underpants. I will give a thorough blow-by-blow when we sit down to run this puppy. 

Also this:

Got a decent reading copy of Lindsay's A Voyage to Arcturus and also scored Part I of Hodgson's Night Land. Found Part II years ago at a used bookstore. The Adult Fantasy collection is coming along nicely.


Upstate NY OSR Blog Badge

Inspired by the badge used by those OSR Manitoba guys.

I chose the treant dude as our mascot spirit animal. If treants were real then the Adirondacks would be like Fangorn for certain.

Feel free to use this badge to designate your blog as part of the OSR Upstate New York massive, "upstate" being a mostly relative term that could refer to any part of New York not on/near Long Island or connected to NYC.


[Music] Free Cyberpunk Comp by Ggmlk

Gorgonmix No. I: Photosynthesizer 
 Soundtrack to a cyberpunk noir film 
...that doesn't exist :(


    1. SEDITION IS LUST | Snog with Pankow | 4:16
    2. SHOWERED IN GLASS | Shinjuku Filth | 3:53
    3. SLOWLY MUTATING | Implant | 4:53
    4. ICEOLATE | Front Line Assembly | 5:16
    5. MONSTER RADIO MAN | Skinny Puppy | 2:23
    6. ATOM SMASHER | Mentallo & The Fixer | 6:20
    7. THE FOG | Klinik | 7:22
    8. EVIL EYES | Vomito Negro | 5:13
    9. SHITHAMMER (LIVE) | Numb | 7:15
    10. CONFUSION | Robotiko Rejekto | 3:02
    11. FLESH | A Split Second | 3:53
    12. MOTIVATION | Museum of Devotion | 4: 58
    13. PEOPLE LIKE GODS | NTRSN | 2:40
    14. WIRETRIPPED | Binary Park | 6:10


                              Occam's Razor

                              Occam was once the god of deluded reasoning and poetic wit before he obtained a cursed sword called Razor as the result of a private wager with the inscrutable Jale God.

                              Alignment: Unknown

                              Description: A double-handed sword with a light and vicious blade composed of an unknown cream-white mineral marbled with streaks of ruby-like crystal. The cage around its hilt will immediately lock around the hands of its wielder in a twist of red leather and polished willow-root, forming an unbreakable seal. Over the course of several agonizing weeks, the wielder's finger bones will dissolve and then slowly form a supple web of living calcium within the cage. After this phase the sword may only be removed by (a) hacking off the wielder's hands at the wrists or (b) through his death.  

                              The Razor has an insatiable appetite for green-blooded creatures like elves, goblins and tree-spirits and will try to provoke the wielder to attack these beings on sight by exerting its will over his body. (Wielder must save vs spell -- failure indicates that he will attack target creature next round with or without his consent. Only one check needs to be made per encounter.)
                              • The sword provides its wielder with +1 to all attack rolls / +2 to rolls vs green-blooded targets.
                              • Razor does 1d6 CON damage (apply damage directly to the character's CON score; 3 CON or below renders a dreamless torpor)
                              • The sword may drain the spirit of a target in torpor, permanently increasing the wielder's CON by 1/2 point or temporarily increasing his Hit Point total by 1d# (where # equals the victim's HD) for a number of turns determined by the DM (usually 1 turn per character level).
                              • The Jale God and perhaps one other* knows the unspoken word that will cause Razor to disappear -- or more precisely -- to have never existed at all.

                              *Possibly Görgönmjölk?

                              Görgönmjölk illo by Darcy Perry
                              Goddess created by Jonas Mustonen

                              Name: Görgönmjölk
                              Symbol: Soot covered smiling head of medusa
                              Alignment: Chaotic
                              Movement: 120' (40')
                              Armor Class: -3
                              Hit Points (Hit Dice): 50 hp (12 HD)
                              Attacks: 1 by flaming sword
                              Damage: 1d8 +4d6 of fire damage and lobs heads of on natural roll 19-20
                              Save: F12
                              Morale: 10
                              Hoard None
                              XP: ???

                              Behind every great god is a goddess. Northern barbarians have a very grim and duty obsessed patriarchal deity (some call this deity Crom) whose followers believe the secret of steel-working to be holy. Every northern barbarian woman knows that menfolk are lazy and imagines that this great man-god probably  spends his days sitting on the throne dodging real work. His active female counterpart is the goddess of soot and ash called Görgönmjölk. In battle she resembles a snake-haired medusa covered in a layer of black soot and wielding a flaming sword of extreme sharpness. Despite certain accounts in folklore, looking at the goddess' face does not turn one to stone, perhaps due to the layer of dirt and grime she has accumulated during millenia of forge-working. Her sword will only glow white hot in her hands but she can lend it to a female fighter of chaotic alignment.

                              Ender's Game (2013) trailer

                              Orson Scott Card may be a loon of some kind (wouldn't be the first talented f/sf author to be afflicted with mental ailments -- see Lovecraft; PKD), but I have a feeling this movie (based on the eponymous novel) will be pretty great. Now if Hollywood would only make a Zelazny movie...*

                              *Too tired/lazy right now to look on IMDB to see if there's already been one.

                              [Pics] Nameless Gods

                              The Cicadas are Coming Back!

                              What Supernatural Forces Define Petty Godhood?


                              The Law of Transubstantiation states that beings who are not indigenous to the material planes will require a source of power to manifest physical bodies there. Such beings include ghosts, phantoms and gods who generally dwell behind the Aetheric threshold.

                              The transcension from a lesser being to an entity of divine influence is made possible through ancient and fragmented relics called ossigils. Ossigils are the weightless bones of long dead gods. These remnants are still charged with the essence of the old gods and vary in potency. By acquiring an ossigil of at least mid-level resonance, a lesser spirit effectively becomes a godling. This increase in power makes transubstantiation in the material plane possible for limited periods of time. Gods in possession of many ossigils are very powerful players in the cosmic theaters of campaign worlds.

                              Petty Divine Region: The Metathorcs

                              The Metathorcs are a group of radiant zones accessible by beings indigenous to the material planes through advanced psionics.
                              Each metathorc is a spiral encystment of space and time governed by the will of a single godling overseer who monitors the constant channeling of psychic energy from the material plane to its metathorc. He/she is surrounded by a court of petty godlings, ghosts and aetheric phantoms. In this place these beings possess bodies of translucent jelly described as "pseudo-flesh" by the learned -- a kind of substitute for mortal flesh that can be altered according to the will of the mind that controls it. The lord or lady of the metathorc may occupy one body, several, or many thousands of pseudo-flesh forms. [Note that pseudo-flesh is particularly vulnerable to magical fire, and that its regenerative properties may be undermined by the higher forms of dispellery or through occult artifacts of cancellation.
                              Bondsmen are beings entirely under the will of the godling overseer -- they may be altered only through the consciousness of their master. Some of them are bestial and crude. Others are more human-like in shape. All of them are psychically linked to the overseer -- it is aware of all their movements, thoughts and designs.
                              Courtesans are the loved things of the overseer that make its eternal duty bearable. Their forms and relative complexities vary from metathorc to metathorc, but they all share certain powers and liberties that set them apart from other beings found within these regions. Special courtesans who have partially merged with the overseer are called consorts. Typically the lessermost consort is responsible for the terrestrial laws that govern all mindful things dwelling in the metathorc. It is a duty passed down from courtesan to courtesan throughout the aeons. The post of lessermost is a social ritual perceived as a period of punishment necessary for all consorts to obtain understanding with the overseer. This sharing of minds slowly alters the overseer's mental morphology as time passes, often to narrower and narrower forms of intense perception and awareness. This "hardening" of mental content and relationships is unavoidable and (unfortunately for the overseer and his subjects) leads frequently to divine malaise and other disorders of the godmind.
                              Metathorcs are flooded with psychic energy at the same pace that this same stuff is being burned away into empty space. This transitory condition gives rise to anger, deep sadness and obsession in all sentient beings in its proximity. Visitors are advised to come in the company of ghost-travelers like the lawful couriers of Greater Gloth who charge their clients pieces of their constitution (which they convert to an edible yellow plasm called garmonbozia) for their protection and aegis.


                              Literary Precedent for Divine Portfolio-Swiping

                              From the foreword to Robert Graves' The White Goddess:

                              Conquering gods their titles take
                              From the foes they captive make,

                              It would seem that Graves is suggesting that one godling might lose his "title" (=portfolio?) when he becomes the prisoner of another god.


                              Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

                              Rumors of my demise are grossly exaggerated. Been taking in a whole lot of art for PETTY GODS. Stay tuned for further info. Cthulhu fhtagn!